Work w/ Dani One on One

 The sound of your authentic worship is not requested...it is required. 


John 4:23 says God is seeking for true worshippers. This is not because He doesn’t know where they are. Of course, He knows! He’s placed them throughout the earth. But, He’s looking for them to come out of the shadows of hiding. Are you one of the ones that God is seeking for? 

I was once in hiding too. I compared myself to everyone else and had so much fear inside about what others thought about my voice, my sound, my style.  It took a nearly tragic event for me to say yes to God again, but it doesn't have to take all of that for you! 


Here are the facts:

  • You are a city on a hill (Matt 5:14). You cannot be hidden.

  • You are a fortified city (Jer 1:18). You cannot be overtaken.

  • God is watching over every word He’s spoken to you to make sure they come to past (Jer 1:12; Phil 1:6)...so you cannot run from His call, either... “Arise and take your place!”

I offer a number of learning experiences that are prepared and customized specifically for you and/or your worship team to unlock the next level God is calling you to. Though it will be challenging, I promise it will be rewarding.


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